SHISHA ELYSEE, was started in 2021.

As 2 shisha lovers in Tokyo, we have gone to many shisha establishments around Tokyo but always thought that something was missing that was making the experience not fully enjoyable.

We kept saying that we could do something better and more unique as most of these establishments all felt the same and boring because of there lack of knowledge, creativity, and service.

Finally we thought it was time to open SHISHA ELYSEE, we are more than just the typical shisha cafe & bar, we want to offer a new smoking experience that will make you not want to return to the normal shisha bar that you know, but want to return to us due to artistic touch that we offer in our stores from our creative modern interior design all the way to how our glass shishas are decorated and presented.

bring a friend. Take a puff. Come join us.

Smoking at SHISHA ELYSEE will never be the same once you have experienced the most tasteful and smooth smoking experience ever.




In the heart of Tokyo night life we are situated 1 min away from Roppongi Oedo & Hibiya Line.